OUr mission

Our organization wants to create a space for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning/Queer+ people in the city of Lynwood to find support, resources, friendship, and ultimately, be able to be themselves.


In a society dominated by heterosexuality and strict binary gender systems, we want create an open and safe LGBTQ+ community for people of all ages to come together and form bonds with one another. The Lynwood LGBTQ+ Collective is a space not only for community bonding but also community learning. A community that is connected, is a community that can grow and learn together. Learn about our history, learn how to be a better allies with one another, learn about creating safe spaces, and learn about each other.

Who we are 

Amlus Rodriguez (They, them, their)

I am a college graduate and moved back to the city of Lynwood with the goal of starting a community where people can go to have fun, educate themselves and others, and feel safe from those who try to bring us down. I joined the Lynwood LGBTQ+ Collective because as a resident of the city for almost 10 years, I believe we need safe spaces for our community. We have the commitment, love, and power to create the Collective for our city. 

Adriana Calva (She, her, hers)

After graduating from college, I decided to move back home to the city of Lynwood in hopes of giving back to my community. Creating a safe place, being inclusive and having a voice in our community led me to the Lynwood LGBTQ+ Collective. Through the Collective, I hope to be a resource for our people and work together to educate one another.

Cidney Santos (She, her, hers)

Hello, I am currently a student at Cerritos College majoring in Women’s and Gender Studies. My experience growing up in Lynwood meant not having positive representation of the LGBTQ+ community. Not until I started college, I was able to find support within the LGBTQ+ community. Being in an environment where trans and queer folks were safe and represented was an amazing thing for me. With the Collective, I hope to be a part of bringing that feeling of support to the LGBTQ+ community in my home city.

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